A mouse - simple as that.
In the basement, where I kept my old bicycle, lived a small domestic mouse that bit through my old comic books which lied there. Every time I came down to take my bike, I heard rustling and I saw my comics even more curved, with finely nibbled pages, deeply bitten through, haha!! Like rust, like a diseased cherry leaves, very nice...
My mother is skilled, she knows how to cook, she knows tailing. She looked for new models in Burda magazines and made such clothes herself. I flipped through those magazines, I teared pretty ads, she hid Burdas in closets, under the clothes, I searched for them...
My pedicure used a set of tiny, sharp knives to fix wolf’s eyes, hangnails, knuckles... burned fingers.
So, it was natural that I came up with the technique named Burdacuts.
I simply had to to take a knife in my hand and, like that mouse, start to curve my mother's Burdas. But not to add new pictures inside, no, no. It was like this: I pick a face from page 17, for example, and I turn that page back and forth, flip to the cover and back. I watch where that face is placed, try to remember where it is, it is not easy! Then, I draw on the cover, with a pen, a shape in which I want to see that face. Then I start to curve with a knife, carefully! I cut a hole in that chosen shape through all those pages... hand, pedicure, mouse work - like a mantra - page by page, layer by layer... pictures are changing and you see different combinations, right?
When your knife scratches the hard colorless cardboard you placed on page 17 (to protect the face), well, then you know that you came to the bottom of the hole. You remove the cardboard and, through the cover of the magazine, a white, pretty white face looks out, vignetted in the shape you drew in the beggining.
That all lasted about 15 minutes but that is not wasted time. It is nice to create something, even when someone else is mad about destroyed Burdas. But that is just the beginning, next to or over the first hole, a new one is coming, new arabesque and so... in a complex relief, sluggish male work - turns women’s fashion magazine into lace. With music - but without a girl. That is the way it goes - it is a loner's work.
After a while, I started cheating - adding new, non-Burda pictures and moving existing ones around. But good intention is what counts - don't be a hairsplitter!
(1997 - 2001)