Radio B92,
Beautiful Rhythm of the Heart
It all started with the odd and weird articles I wrote for the culture program and I didn't dare to read them for a long time. Then I started imagining events and, I don't know how, I got a taperecorder and immediatelly got excited about the world of micro-sounds and stories of the people who mostly talk to themselves.
It took me a couple of years to stop being shy and then... First, I picked subjects that meant something to me or bothered me during the week. With a microphone as a good enough reason to approach anyone, I would start a conversation not by introducing myself or asking a question but by a touch!
Simply, I would touch that man or woman and barely mumble, somehow, naively, ask "And how come...?" And then all those people - drunks, children, sleepy, homeless, a church cleaner, a watchmaker, a honor student, a pickpocket... answered with care, with the same difficulty as me, how can we solve that problem together, at that young age, when a man is stil searching for himself, right?
And as we looked each other in the eyes, often we wouldn't even notice the microphone during conversation. And it wasn't some small bug microphone. They told me things so funny and scary that I used to laugh years after whenever I remember them while walking down the street, it was such a joy!!
(1995 - 2002)