Here's some advice from a practical philosopher, granny VERA:
When it's hard, I have a good cry, turn on the radio and sing with the music!
Honestly. I love music very much, I like folk songs... They just failed with the melody a little!
And the melodies of old time folk songs...
By the way, I am more inclined to pop.
I like pop songs, a lot... And folk songs too but those old ones... Now it is all like... Turkish melody, everyone singing on the same melody, it's no good!
What happened to those people who create those songs?!
Melody is important - no use for words if I cannot hear a nice melody. Ah!
No way... When I hear some nice song... I sit, I hear a good song on the radio, tears just flow... And when the song is bad, I turn off the radio angry! A HAHA!!
there, always have that in mind
and generations will listen to you... young and old,
and I wish you success.
(1995 - 2002)