Just So I Can Brag
Dear friends, familiar faces, colleagues and business partners,

with many of you I am not constantly in touch
but don’t blame me,
I sometimes think of you. And so,
remind yourself to start writing.

I am reporting exclusively from Arhentina,
writing from Buenos aires,
I am not making this up, I swear
roaming the streets whole day,
sucking in this, well exotic world, I’ve never been so far from home in my life
and I am trying not to do something stupid,
there are many pretty little eyes and legs here.

It is a big city a mix of Belgrade pari and neue york
plus sur ameriga, calm but liveliness
trash is beautiful and all everyday life activities on the street, spring seems to last forever,
old wrecks of cars with music passing by like in Cuba,
mass pillow fight in the park yesterday, feathers everywhere,
I am allergic but nothing happened to me.
This morning I woke up early and while I worked out on the roof,
I watched houses and little roofs all around, trees growing from those walls,
a policeman down there kicking some crumpled newspapers down the street,
a woman all dressed in blue passes through a ray of sunlight.

the festival begins today, what would I be doing here otherwise,
the school bought a ticket for the student from the first row
so he can enjoy a little,
he longed for sun in Prague that little office worker
and to talk in Spanish, he should
but here it isn’t yo but sho.
sh like shoe or shampoo