Roaming Around the Wide World
If those electric letters could, like in the dawn of electric mail,
Travel with a stamp from the place where they came from.
And the postman,
Al tough, he must not open them secretly,
As he can in normal, human post,
Because here, he would be struck by electric shock,
That postman anyway followed the letter’s trip, with fatherly concern,
For that kind of postman I am sending a postage stamp like this:

Noisy stamp, burst with tall apartment houses
With streams of people that babble unintelligibly,
With streets above normal streets,
With typhoon winds no. 3
That bend prolific tropical vegetation, juicy greenish
Leafs big like the biggest slap you can get!
They turn around from the storm and are lighter green
From under.
In cafes at menu are sea fruits and sea vegetables
And it is not any sea,
But Ocean!
And it’s hot.

Girls face’s are little bit monkey like
Not horse or pig beauty like in Europe.

On long sandy beaches, on quiet islands across the town
Many holes and around them, small sand balls ordered in lines,
In tones that I cannot hear.
Those are crabs,
I tried them little after, fried, on a stick,
Dogs snouts, that are still moving, too

On those islands, there are millions of bicycles,
That made my heart sing.

I was standing on the street, in another town,
Ex - Portuguese colony,
On the pavement of a normal street,
Above me, hanging on a hanger,
White man’s pants, drying off,
Like some commercial,
Absolutely visible, haha!!

In a small wan, already inside the continent,
Holes and big holes on the road,
Traveling like sitting on old cleaning machine
In state of centrifuge,
It is not a metaphor!
On the first stop jumps in:
Mother with a small child,
Peasant with a rooster with tied legs,
Cock singing, woeing, crackling!!

In a post office, in even smaller towns
At windows, tied two pens for public use
And...what more???
Glasses with big diopter!!
For deciphering and fulfilling postal money order!
Touching idea...

Those post stamps were, if they are missing in your collection,
From Honk Kong, Macao, Jangšuu...