China as Such
I found my bride,
I had a bath and bought a new shirt,
Why not be happy?

Small Chinese town... 2 milion residents,
I would like to describe it somehow to you
Imagine Belgrade
But all choped in 1000 pieces
And then multiplied by 1000!

Or, let me try to explain it like this:
15 years ago, the second president after Mickey Maos,
Launched a slogan similar to:
„Business is good!“
What kind of business – he did not say,
So, everyone could understand it in their own way.
And, from then on, maybe it was so before too but
There are thousands and thousands, literally thousands of
Restaurants, cafes, kitchens with live animals
Which you get in a second in pieces,
Nearly as many moving street stores on bicycles,
Stands that sell fruit and fried food.
Fruit – Hurray!!!
Fried food – yuck!

But, what made my hart cheerful were
Crowds of craftmen!
Small shops that, when you lift doors,
Become part of the street.

Craftmen masters work with hands in front of their stores,
Lot of rest materials thrown all around,
Scattered tools, inside its overfilled with various objects,
Often right up to the ceiling...
Electricans, welders, tailors, shoemakers....whatever you wish,
They work under neon light till 9, 10 in the evening
And a litlle longer work
The brothels.
So normal and massively accepted, it is strange...
They call it „Chinese massage“
But they look more like pedicure shops,
Inside some women siting and being bored.
They watch TV, play cards, chess,
or in front of the small tables with mirrors,
they improve themselves...
I saw one skipping the rope in front of her red light
empty store... really, it seems so normal and uninteresting,
like an average state employment...
And I became equally bored with this letter,
Like some informative tv reportage,
What is going on!?

Lets try to save a story at the end, listen
In a small place, main street,
Trucks and cars pass by, clouds of dust...
And just beside the road, with all wals, doors open,
Store and inside sits a patient, lamp and doctor in white above him
And here, according to all rules,
Dentist repairs his tooth!

Radio televizoion belgrade, 2008.
„from our corespondent“