People on the Road
Before my trip, visibly upset,
my first mother Desanka told me:
„...And dont wander much there,
Those are Chinese, go away, let them go,
You know what they are like - who knows...?

You see, even in everyday talk,
my mother speaks in verses, haha!

But how not to wander and loiter around,
When, that is the most interesting thing to do.

If we, Yugoslavians, accept
That we are - Gypsies
Then, they are too.
Germans, for example are not Gypsies
Gypsies are not gypsies neither
But we are
And Chinese are, too.

When I say Gypsies, I mean,
In a positive way,
A chaotic, confused life,
When everything is happening in the last moment,
Everyone's pulling something around and squeezing to pass by,
Sweaty faced, in wrinkled clothes,
Squatting on the street, spitting everywhere, even in the restaurant,
I saw that with my own eyes!

Family came to a restaurant,
Men were eating fast, they sweat,
They took off their shirts and were naked from the belly up,
But not down,
That would be nice: eating naked in a restaurant..!
So, rests of food they throw away on tablecloth,
They drank from flasks, they yalded
And they left such a pigsty behind,
Peaces of meat, bones, unchewed bites...
And, like a strawbery on the top, one of them calmly
Spat on the floor before they left.
That was an ordinary family lunch.

But I dont judge them, it is interesting to see,
I just report.


That is a traffic sign that you will come accross often on your way.

Mostlly, that is informational sign that says
That you will pass near unusual and precious people
And it is a pitty not to meet and get to know them.
And the first law of traveler is that official ceremonium of introducing each other,
Not supposed to last more than a few seconds
And you are obligated to behave friendly
And to, simple as that, give as present,
Your good and bad experience to that other passenger,
To spare him from unnesessary mistekes and waste of time.
No matter how much time you lost while you did not know the solutoin,
He doesn’t have to lose time too. He will get lost soon anyway
And will have enough trouble.
The first law is canceled if you are strangling that other with your stories.

Sometimes that is a warning sign.
There are bad people on the road.
Turism simply inspires various kind of cheater,
Small, almost sympathetic faker,
From those that just want to make litlle fun with strangers,
To mock him on a tongue that the stranger did not learn before his trip,
To steal a kiss or the whole girl,
For a couple of days.
To hook on you to get a free drink or a lunch, ticket for a ride
Or to organize some picnic for you
And charge you double, triple... that kind of thing,
Nothing deadly.

Sometimes, it is even worth letting them cheat you
To see a litlle that world and system of theirs.. there was a guy named Robert in Jangsuu, he drowe us like that... but more about him in portraits.

Rarely, but it can be that „People on the road“ is a
DANGER sign!

In a bad moment
You bump into a bad person
And everything is like in a dream, because, you don’t understand that world
People’s noise around you sounds just like a rehersal
Of a gipsy philharmonic orchestra.
And, in some tones, a threat is hidden,
Just now it is rehearsing
To sound fully a litlle after,
To play for you that fatal tone,
But you don’t hear it, don’t recognize it in the crowd...

Although, sometimes, serious robbery motivated tourists,
To find a job in that foreign land, to learn the new language fast,
Because they, for example, stayed broke,
So they stopped being tourists
And finally became humans!
Or, let’s remind ourselves,
a stolen computer in Madrid led to the discovery of Madrid’s and world’s trash
which afterwards led to doctoral studies, scholarship, studying in Berlin, new travels...

Yes, most of the tima, Danger sign comes too late,
Those skilfull thieves you don’t even notice, and when you do,
they are already on another job
but I am hungry,
this is my last day in China,
I’ll go ride a bycicle,
Like milions of others,
To wander around and look forward
To coming back home.
In the first home is mother
In the second, school
In the third, pretty wife.

Dzai Gien!!