From Skopje
I am writing a letter with leek.
I came to Macedonia to try to make a short puppet film but I got mad with plasticine!
What a joy, you can press, smash it, it remembers all!
But medallions that I made here are nothing in comparison with stuffed chaos
That I saw in „ŠUTKA“ - a huge trashy Gypsy ghetto on the margins of Skopje.
That is a visual nuclear shock!
There life really bursts, together in kolo Bruegel and Disney
Melange of garbage hills, pretty Gypsy girls, dead cats, crowd of noisy children, mud
And water streams through the narrow streets.
Bright, piercing voices sing from somewhere, someone sits and doesn’t want to do ANYTHING!
But in collage made, patchwork box house, young gypsy, fancy, new gipsy romantic,
Preparing himself for evening out, cleaning his jeans with a small brush and clean, clean..!!