Icy Fiord and Naked Nations
When all around you, completely naturally, Finnish, Danish and Norwegian poeple get undressed, and a Portugese Gipsy just sits aside to watch, too sensitive to the cold,
there is no other way to defend the colors of your loving Yugoslavia, but to quickly take off your panties, flash with your buttocks, and throw yourself into frozen fiord, among ice qubes.

When you dive, instantly your breathing stops.
It is a shock, it is really cold. 40 seconds of staggering and fly out!
I was kidding, there are no ice qubes, water is pure and dark, blue, with big fishes.
And frogs and crayfishes. Eels and seastars and seacucumbers. Jellyfishes, seagrass and fisheggs.
When you climb on the top of the mountain, through old woods, stepping on stonesteps, roots and recesses in mud, you see everything!
Small islands (aha, pretty), islands with danse flora , (Wow! How bautiful!!) and mountains that stick out from the sea.(Aaaaaoooooo!!!)
So, be happy then, what kind of a man you are if you cannot forget yourself in this moment, if you cannnot lose yourself in a landscape like this?

Are you hungry? Bend down and pick up bilberries.
Eat as much as you want, there is as much as you like!
There are blackberries, too. And pears. Wild plums and watermellons. On the south side, even lemons and oranges. On the north side, already under the snow, you find covered walkers and skiiers.

Plateau starts, all made of soft and prickly vegetation.
Patchwork of autumn colors.
Walk for hours, there is nobody - what a joy!
Lay down, tired passenger in light pants. Berries will burst under your weight and they will drill you with stains. But you should not give a damn about it!

You will find a lake, take off you shoes, sit down for a while
And think...
Think about how you never knew that Norway is like that, how come..?
You should have come a long time ago, to live here for some time and wander around.
To waste all your money in a jiffy!

Or, stretch out near the sea, at a big stone upholstered with moss.
Under the birch tree, in the high, disheweled grass, on the wild coast.
Forget yourself, be late for bus, listen to children screaming while they are playing on lianas..
And make a wish... your pretty wife t oappear here
And couple of friends. And your parents. And your uncle’s daughters.
And uncle Bekalo.
And aunt Sneža and aunt Raja...

Somebody spat into the fiord.
Litlle white saliva spread over the surface,
Still holding on together with threads and bublles.
In a surrealy clean fiord water, that spit is such exception,
Violation that must not be done again, ever again!


Volda, september 2008.