The Last Night – Am I a Blockhead or What?

Why not? I can drink on the last day in BA
I was in a tango club yesterday – oh yes!

you, to whom I wrote so much,
read this letter last, if you didn’t unpack the previous one yet
fold this one and open it later, do it.

Yes, I cursed cities, not without reason
but on the day before my trip I returned to the biggest city
and I could not resist,
I was so persistent and annoying until they took me to the local, real
tango club.

Well, I thought it is just a myth for children and inexperienced adults
that tango is something more
but really
really really
that hall, yellowish light, crowded tables
people, diverse, international people,
girls and women and men, and several informed tourists.
But when the dance starts
it is
pure pure
so diversely people dance, like people individually in different ways
make love
I watched, stared
In the high heels, little fingers peeping out,
how they slowly, gently skip men’s shoes,
stopping at the right place, when from drowsy state
steps suddenly accelerate
as swedes would put it.
I held my head in my hands not to drop it between the dancers’ legs
I didn’t have courage to put on my black shoes and dance

and see, almost all of my friends there, they kiss each other friendly, they obviously come here often
but when they start dancing, they join their cheeks, stich out their buttocks a little
and start to dance, like they caress each other,
well, it is not easy to just watch,
I asked my friend’s girlfried, I admit he broke the ice first
and we tried, so what?
we danced two times, you forget yourself easily,
close your eyes, just feel it, catch that rhythm
and hold your partner so she doesn’t fall
I stepped around
and kicked a little more than I should, I don’t care,
I only regret not wearing the shoes,
It’s all better then.
and maybe it wasn’t tango at all
but I got entangled with those world class dancers
and remembered what idiot I am because I didn’t practice more before I came.
more, much more is required
and then I could approach any woman or girl there and
hug her and spin her and stop her with my cheek and push her leg down the floor
and the craziest thing is that the most attractive are not the young
pretty girls
but women age 45 at least
but with such a style, something so exciting inside…
that is just tango, it’s not life, it doesn’t matter
but I could not come and step on them while dancing,
I didn’t dare, didn’t dare…

but I danced, I tried,
I’m leaving BA with wishes fulfilled
and… cheers, oh, man…
un fuerte abrazo de miloš.