Belgrade Sun on Argentinian Flag
Fine people,

I finally achieved the goal of my across the ocean travel
and fulfilled another dream, that short one, in the morning, when cars have already started making noise.

No, I’m not dancing tango in Buenos A, not treading on my Argentinian partner.

I know, Daniel will renounce me, we went together to dance course in Russian Cultural Home in bg
but my tango got entangled with personal understanding of twist and imagagining of playing electric guitar,
I only know how to dance like that… be mad if you want.

I didn’t start a new life on the sandy shores of Uruguay and not coming back anymore.

No, maybe it is a mistake, but I did not.
I am in a remote village od SAN ISIDRO, high in the big mountains, on the north of Argentina, with a local family, weeding the garden on a slope using a small sickle
their young maverick, isn’t afraid anymore and attacks me with his small horns
but I am stronger and more clever, but only compared to him.
we talk, in Spanish, pick out the clover and I feel great.

Running 1764 kilometers away from B.A. everything changed at once and I found what I was looking for -
I got lost, I don’t know where the exclamation point is I would put it here, I’ll use nj instead

I got lostnj

Huge, HUGE mountains,
Blue, RED, unseen, furrowed by water since who knows when, cacti, dust carried by some strong wind, when it blows, you can’t hear a thing, when you are at the top of the hill you can’t even hear yourself laughingnj

Rocks and stones roll down a long time when you kick them, I listen, nice sound,
nothing to interfere, there’s nothing there – just endless empty space.

My friends, honestly and briefly,
well, fuck the cities
in the crazy nature like this something starts to happen to you, colon
the feeling of greatness, colors and time, gets disturbed
because there is nothing there to compare with what you see
and there is nothing to do there except walk on, look and somehow,
better, quotation mark, feel yourself, to say it so.

And I walk, walk, stumble on rocks,
push with my thumb something on my back that hurts,
a bottle of water splashing in my pocket.

Salta, Purmamarka, Tilkara, Humauaka, Iruya… soon in season, I can’t lie, those are rather touristic places but the nature around them can’t be and neither can suburbs
Of those villages, dusty slums, open quotes – there I, strangely, without fear, roam – closed quotes – wander.

The people I meet are mostly happy somehow, open, for example an unknown woman answers to my
Bueonos dias, que tal? With a 52 teeth wide smile, and the eyes – like she gave me
a chocolate I like, not melted nj NJ

When we don’t understand each other, no one hurries – I move my hands through the air like I am trying to catch something. I make a face and we start laughing – what else?

I meet a lot of travelers – fugitives who usually travel the whole year without worry that they have to work – I am trying to understand how is that possible?

Let me brag some more – I rode a bike over the bottom of a salt lake, the size of a small desert, everything is glittering those polyhedrons where salt is drying. I have a nice picture – won’t send it now.

Through the narrow path in the mountain, I followed a girl on a horse from the nearest as she carried from 3 hour walk through rocky terrain, town, wrapped in plastic, a women’s fashion magazine hanj

And she, the only person in whole Argentine, didn’t respond to my regular although not that well spoken Olanj Que tal?, - Hinj How are you?

she just drove her horse faster, away, I guess she is the most dangerous girl in town.

But in her village I talked with a slightly retarded little girl
that is, we impersonated animals and sounds, laughed
and for a banana and a coin I gave her,
I got, as a most sincere present,
a stone.

I swear,
there’s nothing more precious than that stone to bring back to Europe
and, to cut short this writing assignment on the subject of
what it was like on my winter holiday,
It was interestingnj