Doctor Speaks like a Man
Simply, my friends,
I want to share a feeling with you,
I’m writing on a thin napkin in a bar,
And then I will copy it to screen.
Well, they tried to scare me that it will take 26 hours but it was only 16.
16 hour bus drive – run little rabbit from Buenos Aires.
And I run, here I am in Salta City, little northern town,
small, tempestuous, glittering town, teeming with life, I was delighted by the button shop,
people sleeping on the street, summer started,
and I saw ice creams with three towers – not balls – three cones,
like an airplane or a cathedral…

and the whole town is like on some light drug – ha!
It started to rain – I just watched, didn’t try to push under some big tited argentinian girl’s wing -
It is all very nice, but I adore my wife… and I got hungry,
hid in a crowded restaurant, actually a snack bar – next to the basketball and BOXING club
Cbiiijj! Chvijsijj! !!1.. screeching and whistling of rubber soles on the linoleum floor.
Without a sound, balls slow down in the rope net for a moment and the bar window looks at the field.
Boxers probably practice somewhere below, in impossible conditions, without air and under strong pressure.

I know I got carried away
but I drink wine with “Corral” soda from a pressurized bottle and in Switzerland, in the sleeping car
they stole my beloved camera and now I have to work with words again but I enjoy it.
Let me tell you a story.
so, the bar.
ceiling covered with yellowish, Styrofoam panels, ornamented with brown stains, pure neon light,
normal people, large people as guests, the rest of panels piled in an unused freezer… good looking guys with dark smooth hair, maybe they’re boxers.
tv set above the window – like octopus arms black cables half covered in paint hanging down – for the antenna and power…
framed posters, a sport mascot painted on the wall – a raven with fire between his legs…
I could go on whole night describing the place and I would have to order another wine and I had just about enough, although…
TV, unavoidable in cafes – I hate it and I always turn my back to it but this time…
It is too late now – another wine is here, I don’t know if I should drink it
although it is not alcohol, grannies say and… I got confused a little
yo me voy a sanitario...se vuelvo.

I almost got into ladies room while all people there were watching… I don’t know why but I think it would not be accepted with understanding…
before I get drunk – let me finish the story.
on the tv in that boxing – basketball club a movie was on
Rocky 1!
ROCKY BALBOA – what a luck – right here!
I moved the plate on the other side of the table and set there so I can see better
and the waiter turned to volume up because the last match started in the film.
I am not some hero (except for my films) and I got beaten up a lot
(especially since I became interested in film and aaaaart)
but with Rocky with Argentinian dubbing I really got into it
and enjoyed, felt like home. free, lika I don’t dare even in my Dorćol in Belgrade
and I wished to shate that good feeling with you who are far away.

In the Argentinian version,
Rocko kicked his ass at the end
And I already got married and finally
like, became a man.

un fuerte abrazo de vos Miloš.